Speaker Spotlight: Chanel Mulbah

FFOL co-founder, Chanel Mulbah MSCC, has worked in the mental health field as a behavioral health worker for children at Elwyn Children Behavioral Health, a crisis worker for children and adults at Valley Creek Crisis Center, and Master’s level counselor for drug and alcohol inpatient female unit at Girard Medical Center. She has witnessed the weight of life’s burden on people from all walks of life and desires for them to experience true freedom, joy, love and mercy from the Lord. Due to her wealth of experience and passion for dance, she feels the Holy Spirit calling her to utilize dance as a counseling and healing tool for those who are seeking freedom from life circumstances that holds them bound. Chanel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Bible with a concentration in Social Work from Lancaster Bible College and a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Cairn University. She is currently pursuing her license as a professional counselor. She is an ABA Therapist with Epic Health Services.

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