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Our purpose is to share the hope of Jesus Christ with women who desire healing and restoration of past painful events and are committed to discovering renewed life and self-worth through the love, mercy, grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ


Weekly Wellness Devotion: What’s Your Motivation?


You’ve tried to crack the whip and get healthy.. It hasn’t worked because every motivation for successful,permanent lifestyle changes that you’ve examined thus far has been temporary. Let’s now look at a “Finish Strong” approach to solid motivations for successful, permanent weight loss. In our weekly Facebook posts, we explore the power of finding the motivation for a healthy lifestyle in 4 anchor categories for Christ-centered motivators. Each one focusing on the “why” for healthy choices over just “what” to do to sustain a healthy lifestyle. As believers we have been offered life and offered the opportunity to live it in abundance. Will you join me in the challenge to embrace this truth, and not just diet, but “Live It”?
Prayer & Praise

Dear Lord, give me an obedient spirit and help me to set aside my own desires. Father, I pray for Your strength as I strive to follow Your will for my life. On this journey, I claim Your promise that if I pray believing I will receive whatever I ask in prayer.

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The  worship branch of Fresh Fountain of Life is in place to help women connect deeply with the Lord from the heart through song and dance movement. This is to help encourage and strengthen each women to become transparent and vulnerable before a caring and loving Holy Father whom will empower and strengthen them to move past hurts, pain and disappointments. Each woman will experience the healing and breakthrough of the Lord to renew and refresh them on their journey to wholeness in Him.
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Coaching & Counseling

The Counseling pillar of FFOL is to share hope and forgiveness of Jesus Christ with women who desire the healing and restoration of life’s challenges – past & present, and are committed to discovering a renewed life of purpose and self-worth through the transformational power of God’s Word.

FFOL is committed to helping women build trusting relationships with one another that will promote healthy emotional, mental and spiritual growth.  This approach to discipleship is designed to strengthen women in the word of God in such a way to encourage healthy relationships with others and for women to walk unapologetically in God’s forgiveness.

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